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Christmas Help for Single Mom

Anonymous started this conversation
I am single mother seeking desperate help for the upcoming holiday.

Please ADOPT my family for Christmas. Single Mom NO child support. NO family support. I work part time and got to school full time SCHOOL University of Phoenix in Psychology trying to make it a better life for my son. I need help with my 3 y.o. Christmas.

Christmas is my birthday too and it usually always sucks because families are with each other. My family has been one affected and seperated by the devil. However, I believe in God I have faith and he is my true provider.

I have created a wish list on some of the items wished for. Some of the items Mommy wants are true wishes however we don't have to have Brand New stuff. Used items in Good condition is okay too and I have noted so on the wish list.

I just pray this could be the best Christmas ever for my son. Anonymous presents are always the BEST presents ever.

Please help me have the best Christmas EVER it's been a wish my whole life.

My plan is to pay all my blessings forward in every way I possibly can.

Please copy and paste this link to your browser to view our wish list.
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ILOVEPAIGE   in reply to 9876
hello, , I tried all Christmas , trying to get clothes for my children TWINS AGE 13 Size 16 preteen,size nine half shoes, still trying for the new year anyone please please help
littlelacie   in reply to teeloveme2
Hi,we post a list of Christmas help 2-3 times a day on this site,for parents to sign their children up for Christmas help,just watch for it or look back.We posted it at 6am today and will be posting it again soon.9876 has not been on this site since 2014,I don't know if she will be.
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teeloveme2   in reply to 9876
Hello I am a single mother of 3, my kids father passed away 2 years ago, and the only male figure my kids had was my dad till 2014 when he died of cancer. I have been doing it by myself since. Please if u can help that would be a blessing. I'm from Arkansas please contact me soon
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lostthisyear   in reply to 9876
just wondering if there is help out there for needy families i am a single mom of 4 children and my youngest has epilepsy there 17boy 16girl 10girl and 4girl and all this is breaking my heart
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1336 Hello Im Amy from Franklin TN. I have 4 children ages 11girl 6 boy 2boy and 8mth old boy. I have a seasonal job that usually lasts up till November. My hours has decreased and I have had 2 deaths in the last 2 months and I am really stressing Christmas this year 2014. I pray daily for all to be better.
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9876   in reply to Mommy4life
Hello what do you do for work ? what city/ state are you located in? I'm looking to help a family for christmas, while not getting scammed so I would need to do some checking to make sure. if your interested let me know thanks
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I relocated to Florida, from New Jersey To Take care of my mother along with my three children ages, 18, 10, & 5 it has been difficult to get any jobs or assistance here, I'm presently still searching for work, I need help for Christmas for my family. If someone out there can make this happen, I will be the happiest Mom to see my children receive Christmas gifts. thank you.
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Wish I was a kid still   in reply to Babydontworry
That's really sad to hear ! Google has the answer to everything and I can help research place that may be able to help . If u want me to help you let me know
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Hi, I'm a single mother of (3)three wonderful kids, 2 teen girls 16,13 and my (baby 2 me) son who is 11. We reside in Johnston County. I'm writing and putting my pride aside and asking for help. see I have Fibromyalagia Disease and Defused Never damage which prevents me from working. So, I can't get my kids anything for Christmas, and they know are situation and understand. I was wondering if you knew of anyone that could help me get a Christmas Tree and Decorations to put up in our home. That alone would put big smiles on there faces. My kids have been taking care of me these last couple of years, and all want to do is to show and tell them how much I love and cherish them. Thank you for your time. I so can't drive at this time.

16 yrs old has full size bed, loves sponge bob the color purple
13 yr old has twin size bed, she into the nail polish girly girly, color pink, hello kitty
11 yr old has twin size bed, likes color hunter green, fast cars and hand held games for his PSP
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Babydontworry   in reply to edyc
Hi I am a single mom of 3 boys. Their father got out of jail recently .. he was charged with stalking and domestic battery..after he dislocated my jaw and cracked my ribs. I have a restraining order against him but its still scary..I'm scared even when my 6 year old is at until we are able to relocate.. its hard to work..I just want to give my boys a happy Christmas morning. They are my whole world. Thank you.
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Young 28 year old mother of two girls, I'm really struggling with my bills, and rent, I won't be able to provide a proper Thanksgiving, Christmas for my girls.Their father and I was together for 4 year,and he abandoned me while I was pregnant with his second child... I work a full-time job that been reduced in hours as part-time, due to my employer frequently hiring new workers...I pray every day for my kids that they won't continue to live like this, and I also know that certain circumstances is a test of Faith.. .
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Cute, I wish I could help you and I am sorry I can not but I am a single mom myself now with 2. One 12yr son and a 5 in a half baby girl. No child support also, trying to look for a home, and job. Been looking for a very long time. I just need that 2nd chance to show I am a hard worker, and find a cheap home based on my income, it is very low. So your not the only one that has hard times. This halloween my son and girl dressed nothing but themselves, and his bday, nothing but a cake. And thanksgiving no family here close. And christmas I don't even got a tree. So I got nothing to give. I need a miracle. I am in church but do to my recent move I haven't found a local church yet, hoping for a new year home.
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Mother of kings
I'm A single mom of two boys, ages are 14yrs & 9yrs of age. I'm not working at this time, I'm also disabled!! This will be the first year that I'm not able to get my kids anything for Christmas, which it is braking my heart, if there is anyway someone is fortunate enough to help my family, it'll be greatfully appreciated will all love! My email is
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Hi I have four boys with no job I am need help to get them something fo xmas this is the 1st year I been unable to make things happen
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edyc   in reply to martha123
what kind of help do you need?
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Need help with three kids for Christmas plz
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mcganty   in reply to kixx357
Please try wish upon a hero website
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Need help for Xmas for five kids no job right now so we may not have Xmas pleased help
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